​MotherAct is a piece about mothering in all it's messy glory. It's being created by a team of mums including a musician, writer, director and several actors. Between us we have 9 kids from 6months -6years, we've had 7 miscarriages and a lot of sleepless nights! Expect movement, music and a good dose of gallows humour - sound familiar!?

A free, work-in-progress sharing of MotherAct will take place at The Lowry on Tuesday 21st May at midday.  Babies and children are welcome. It is free but a ticketed event just so we know how many to expect! If you want to come and watch please book your tickets here

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We look forward to seeing you!

Clare and the Mamas

With thanks to our community partners Mothers Who Make and Manchester ADP

Abooo Audience Feedback


“Great to hear difficult subjects being aired from a first person perspective. A veneer of humour disguising a heartbreaking experience.” Maybe, Baby

“Lovely , funny script so great to be able to see some theatre with my little one in tow" Classmates

“Funny, clever and entertaining. Well presented by all the cast.” Classmates


“The children and babies onstage added a whole new dimension. It was fresh, warm & touching. Thank you”


“Fantastic to be able to indulge in some theatre and not have to worry about a babysitter! Thank you!”


“Having babies made the experience really REAL- connection to the piece worked in completely different way – ACE!" #MumTalk

“The acting was fab and Two Mothers was brilliant!” #MumTalk


“Brilliant, really enjoyed it. Great idea." #MumTalk

“Well Done! Going forward – think a dedicated space rather than café would be good  – but keep the informality & child-friendly aspect. Enjoyed the variety – good mix of comedy and drama. The final piece made me cry!” #MumTalk

“Thank you. It was refreshing to hear this story, full of reality, laughter, comedy, tears, honesty and purity. My nephew was stillborn last year so this is a subject close to my heart.” Maybe, Baby

“Excellent – more people need to write/talk about this!”" Maybe, Baby

“Brilliant! Loved the honesty with the humour and the sharing reality. Beautiful.” Maybe, Baby

“Very sad but funny too”

Maybe, Baby

“Really liked the writing – especially In Stitches. Think it really worked having the babies on stage.”


“Very strong varied pieces. Babies in audience and on stage worked but would benefit from dedicated space.”" #MumTalk


“I don’t have a baby- but what a brilliant idea. Just loved it!. Do more!”


"Thank you  for making theatre accessible for those with babies and young kids. More please!"


Lovely work. excellently directed,brilliant performances & lovely writing.Child friendly theatre for adults :) Classmates

Well done all! It takes bravery to bite the bullet & just get this shit done! So be proud. Hope to see more.“#MumTalk

““Really interesting plays! #MumTalk

“Loved the pieces and the babies contribution.” #MumTalk

“Great idea! Lovely to hold in a ‘non-theatrical’ space but made it slightly over-sensory. Keep doing it!”

“The children and babies onstage added a whole new dimension. It was fresh, warm & touching. Thank you” #MumTalk

“Really loved being part of this – babies have great comic timing!" #MumTalk

"Enjoyable performances @HOME_mcr this morning by @AboooTheatre.Particularly impressed by Patricia Cunningham's Two Mothers" #MumTalk