We gave a free rehearsed reading of Classmates by AM Draycott & Charity Trimm at HOME in T2

 Classmates began as a short called In Stitches and has been developed into a full-length comedy set in a community centre across 3 very different evening classes.

The writers, Anne-Marie and Charity are comedy writing partners, Mums and marvels that write via Skype of an eve once the kids are in bed.

Cast were: Wendy Albiston, Clare Cameron, Hannah Ellis-Ryan,Grace Riley, John Weaver and Kerry Willison-Parry


Director: Kayleigh Hawkins

Photography: Grant Archer

TwitterMaster: Sophie Coward

“Lovely , funny script so great to be able to see some theatre with my little one in tow”


“Funny, clever and entertaining. Well presented by all the cast.”


“Great! Please do more of these that I can bring little one to. Thank you”


“Fantastic to be able to indulge in some theatre and not have to worry about a babysitter! Thank you!”


“Very enjoyable. Everything brought in This Modern World. Can see this being on TV. Loved being able to bring in the babies.”

“Such a great idea…keep it up!"


“Do more!”


“I don’t have a baby- but what a brilliant idea. Just loved it!. Do more!”


Thank you  for making theatre accessible for those with babies and young kids. More please!

Lovely work. excellently directed,brilliant performances & lovely writing.Child friendly theatre for adults :)