Abooo was selected to participate in the first  #MothersWhoMake showing Doing It Over the Kitchen Table which was part of the PUSH Festival 2017 at HOME.

 Clare Cameron performed Maybe, Baby by Lou Conran and directed by Joyce Branagh.

The 20min monologue told Lou's story of having to terminate her baby at 5months because the baby had skeletal dysplasia. Both Lou and Clare are keen to increase conversation about experiences like these.


“Great to hear difficult subjects being aired from a first person perspective. A veneer of humour disguising a heartbreaking experience.”


“Very sad but funny too”


“Thank you. It was refreshing to hear this story, full of reality, laughter, comedy, tears, honesty and purity. My nephew was stillborn last year so this is a subject close to my heart.”


“Well expressed piece about death of baby – I could relate as I had induction at 5 months. Brave!"

"Very moved by this piece today."


“Excellent – more people need to write/talk about this!”

Emily Morris @AboooTheatre @MothersWhoMake @HOME_mcr this was so ace. Well done for writing @LouConran & to @1ClareCameron & @joyseabee for performance.

Emily Alexander  @AboooTheatre @HOME_mcr so moved today by your piece.I laughed & cried throughout,absolutely brilliant. Fantastic writing and performance.