The Replacement Child

Hope Mill Theatre, Feb 2018

The Replacement Child premiered at Hope Mill Theatre, Manchester, February 2018.


4 **** Upstaged Manchester "The play explores parenthood and strained relationships with rawness and honesty, and rarely pulls punches – with highly-charged moments between the small cast of just four....Through strong characterisation and excellent production, it makes its mark."

4 ****Northern Soul "An overall triumph for Abooo Theatre and all those involved, I would urge you to get down to Hope Mill and see The Replacement Child before it ends its short but ever so sweet run."

4 ****North West End "Abooo Theatre place an emphasis on telling the story of parenting, and this was done in an incredibly moving and powerful way."

Manchester Salon "This play is a powerful emotional insight to child bereavement and the devastation that follows"


Opening Night "There are a few moments that are so powerful they take your breath away with audience members visibly gasping at points. The use of flashbacks and projections keep the story moving and the hour and ten minutes flies with so many emotional journeys in such a short space of time. My companion and I couldn’t fault the performances, all of them powerful and heart wrenching. The chemistry the cast have is a testament to the supportive rehearsal process led by director Martin Gibbons and Clare Cameron who not only had her fabulous acting head on but who also founded Abooo Theatre."








We held a morning, baby-friendly showing for parents with babes-in-arms and here's what they had to say:

"Opens up an often not spoken about subject due to the emotions surrounding it and uncomfortableness others feel. Emotions of this nature should be expressed and acknowledged"


"Rivetting, captivating, harrowing. Made me weep – so best form of entertainment! Thank you for a wonderful morning. Oh and superb acting, brilliant colour contrasting set. Loved the build up in pace."


"Very baby-friendly enjoyed the toys. Baby distracted from dark subject matter by having toys."


"Lighting, layout, friendly vibe – totally perfect, thank you"


"Brilliant performance. Baby friendly, lots available to keep babies distracted. FAB!"


R"eally gripping and intense..captivating performance"


"Well thought out, very well catered for little ones."


"Especially enjoyed the guy’s monologue at the end. V powerfully delivered and beautifully written"


"2nd time watching and even more poignant with babies in the room."


"Great job!! I came to the relaxed performance of The Replacement Child with my ten year old daughter. I can’t recommend it highly enough. Xx"


"Explores important and rarely seen at theatre themes, great characters and set design."


"A really brave and unflinching play about a subject matter that is often”brushed under the carpet”. Really in keeping with a theatre company that has a unique and well-defined ethos. Look forward to seeing more from Abooo xxx"


"..about, but so common once the dialogue opens up. Lost children are always in our thoughts and we need to remember them not hide them away."

and this (... we love a convert!)

"I came to the relaxed performance through necessity. I must admit I was apprehensive about noise and distraction but was pleasantly surprised – on the whole I wasn’t distracted, the babies were relatively quiet and it made me feel less guilty about coughing occasionally."


The Replacement Child was written by Vittoria Cafolla and directed by Martin Gibbons. The cast were Rupert  Hill, Julia Haworth, Clare Cameron and Caroline Read.

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